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Archery is a universal sport found throughout history and virtually in all cultures throughout the last 50,000 years. Many think the sport is intuitive and requires little effort. Despite its appearances, archery is actually quite difficult. Archery is as much a martial art as Tai Chi and requires as much precision and practice as dance. In fact, it is guaranteed that you will need a coach to help start you out on your journey.

About me and my archery club Joy Lee Archery Academy

Joy Lee Archery Academy was founded by Joy Lee, USA Level 3 NTS certified archery coach. She is married to Team USA Head Coach, Kisik Lee and has devoted the past two decades to bring success in archery internationally.

With 5 academy locations throughout California, along with many affiliated archery development centers, JLAA is leading the way providing premier education in competitive Olympic style archery.

JLAA has produced many youth state and national champions. JLAA takes pride in having its archers in the youth Team USA as well as the J.D.T. (Junior Dream Team) rosters. Joy Lee Archery Academy is paving the way in providing optimum competitive environment that result in developing elite youth archers.

Each academy has at least one NTS certified Lead coach (Level 3 or higher) and highly qualified and experienced assistant coaches. They have all been rigorously trained and selected by the U.S. National Head coach, Kisik Lee to lead the academy. All archers, from beginners to intermediates to elites, are welcome to join and experience archery. JLAA’s ultimate goal is to produce not only State and National youth champions but also to mold, transform, and fill the lives of individual archers with the love and passion for the sport.

Who: The First-Time Archers class is open to everyone. Students however, regardless of age, must be able to listen to and follow instructions and safely handle the equipment.

Where: All students meet on the practice range. Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Contact us to find the current meeting location.

When: Classes are held every Saturday throughout the year. Classes also may be cancelled because of inclement weather and also to allow the club to participate in City-sponsored community events. Whenever possible, advance notice of cancellations will announced on the preceding Saturday.

Time: Saturday afternoon,  2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Advanced reservations are available through the link below. First-time students should be at the range no later than 1:30 PM to be fitted for their equipment. You must have a reservation in order to participate in this class.

Cost: The First-Time Archers Class is free. However, returning students pay $250 per month.

Equipment: All necessary archery equipment is provided. Participants need not purchase any equipment to begin their training. We recommend use of club equipment and not buying your own until you have completed several sessions and discussed your requirements with an instructor.

Every Saturday
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Woodley Park Archery Range
Archery range in Los Angeles, California
Daily practice facility with short & long ranges, classes & leagues, with evening lighting.
Address: Van Nuys, CA 91411
Fee $250/month
First Time Trial Free & All equipment is provided
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We’d love to have you at Joy Lee Archery Academy!

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