About me

My name is Jocelyn Cho and I’ve been an archer at Joy Lee Archery Academy for six years. Archery is a wonderful sport, particularly because the sport is build to be tailored to each person according to their needs and wants. Everybody can participate, whether to compete or to leisurely shoot. Remember that this sport is about YOU.

About JLAA
Joy Lee Archery Academy was founded by Joy Lee, USA Level 3 NTS certified archery coach. She is married to Team USA Head Coach, Kisik Lee and has devoted the past two decades to bring success in archery internationally.

With 5 academy locations throughout California, along with many affiliated archery development centers, JLAA is leading the way providing premier education in competitive Olympic style archery.

JLAA has produced many youth state and national champions. It takes pride in having archers in the youth Team USA as well as the J.D.T. (Junior Dream Team) rosters. Joy Lee Archery Academy is paving the way in providing optimum competitive environment that result in developing elite youth archers.

Each academy has at least one NTS certified Lead coach (Level 3 or higher) and highly qualified and experienced assistant coaches. They have all been rigorously trained and selected by the U.S. National Head coach, Kisik Lee to lead the academy. All archers, from beginners to intermediates to elites, are welcome to join and experience archery. JLAA’s ultimate goal is to produce not only State and National youth champions but also to mold, transform, and fill the lives of individual archers with the love and passion for the sport.